This site is the manifestation of the pursuit of my childhood loves. For as long as I can remember, I wrote stories, poems, songs, plays. I wrote for pleasure because it seemed so entirely natural, innate. As a child, I was given a camera, and I spent lazy, sunny afternoons lying on my back photographing my mother’s garden. I wandered down trails looking for a place to shutter.

These loves always seemed separate, and in recent years, they even seemed conflicting. I often wondered which I should invest in, which love was worthy of my precious time. I birthed two boys, and I spend my days caring for them. But this has never changed: I write; I shutter; I see.

And I am beginning to understand all these things are entwined. I write for clarity, for creativity. I hold a camera in hand, appreciating its refining presence. Both pursuits give me ways of seeing. When I sit down to write, I’m gleaning. I’m cultivating a thoughtfulness. To write is to choose to be present, aware: it’s a way to see beauty in the ordinary. A camera is a tool to capture, but when it lives in the artist’s hand, it’s doing more than capturing. It’s prompting, forcing a more focused awareness.

In recent years, I’ve struggled with calling, with finding a purpose outside the walls of mothering. But on the best days, I know these things are true. I am a writer. I am a photographer. I am a seeker.

Through my own eyes and through my own process of trying to truly see, I hope you join me. I hope we all have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to understand.

May this site bless you with beauty,







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