Overcome {Five Minute Friday}

by in Dark Hope

To overcome requires struggle. Over implies up.

God doesn’t promise ease and niceties and downhill bliss. In fact, he promises struggle, but then reminds us He has overcome. And we will too.

Upon suffering or struggling, if we overcome, if we push onward and upward, we find ourselves drawn nearer and nearer. While God is present in all the lows, with us on the slope side, there’s a special revelation at the top of the hill. A transfiguration, a seeing with certainty who God is.

Depression isn’t something I’ve overcome. It’s something I still am just overcoming. Continually, I move through it and against it and with it, and continually God is there – in all the lows and along the slope. Sometimes I think he places my feet ever so slightly forward. Sometimes he catches me before I fall off the hillside, and sometimes he’s my rock to rest on. And sometimes I reach a slight, though temporary, pinnacle and he grants me a special blessing for having struggled to get there. 

Like a hike up a steep mountain, life’s struggles often seem fruitless until you emerge and see what you would  never see without having taking the path.

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  1. Martha G. Brady October 27, 2017

    hi denise, i’m your next door neighbor at FMF:) nice to meet you! great post! i love how you describe depression. it is very vivid and clear. your metaphor of climbing a hill or mountain is beautiful re any hardships. the photo is perfect:)


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