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I still remember the first time B called me mom. It felt vulgar and way too soon (as I’m sure every mom feels). I was mommy, not mom. He was still a toddler, really. Still a baby who should not abbreviate my name.

These days I am mostly mom. That’s my name – shortened as their years have lengthened. There are certain times they revert back though. If Oli wants a snuggle, he calls for Mama in a slightly whiny, pathetic tone. I fall for it nearly every time. If it’s before or after hours (you know, the time when every parent thinks they shouldn’t be on duty anymore), Bronson calls out for Mommy; and if anyone is hurt Mommy might be the choice scream, too. 

Regardless, at least I’m still mom. A few kids have referred to me as Bronson’s mom or Oli’s mom in recent history, and I must say, it makes me smile. That’s who I am after all.

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  1. Jeannie Prinsen May 12, 2017

    Hi Denise – I am next door to you at #39 in FMF today. I know what you mean about going from “mommy” to “mom,” and immediately thinking “You are WAY too young to call me Mom.” 🙂 When my daughter was a baby, she called me “Ba” for the longest time. Dad was “Dada”; I was “Ba.” She is 18 now and she smiles when we tell her how she would look around for me and say questioningly, “Ba go?” Actually, though, it didn’t matter what she called me because I knew exactly who she was looking for: her mommy. And that was me.

    Have a lovely Mother’s Day.


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