Sing {Five Minute Friday}

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To listen to the boys singing in the backseat is to feel a deep satisfaction with life. When their voices (and bodies) rock out or sing praise, I instantly feel a deep gratitude. I love their voices.

Lately, they’ve been writing some songs. Bronson gets out a notebook and sits down with Ryan to compose some lyrics to go with the guitar. It’s serious business. Oli breaks out in song. Randomly about ham and cheese, superheroes, horses, and sunshine. About whatever strikes him.

When I was a kid, I constantly wrote songs. In notebooks, in my head, spontaneously and determinedly. There’s something about singing that always feels more authentic and true than just simple expression. 

It seems that kids sing all the time – they sing angry songs, happy songs, whimsical songs, silly songs. (Always some silly: I think poop is the most commonly sung word in our home.) As adults, we just don’t sing as much. We’re just not as free.

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  1. mrsdkmiller April 21, 2017

    What a joyful post! I love the picture you paint — or should I say, the audio you describe — of all the singing in your home. Have a song-filled weekend! — your fmf neighbor.


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