Weak {Five Minute Friday}

by in Family and Faith

“Less of me; more of You… When I am weak, He is strong… His strength is sufficient in my weakness.”

I hate feeling weak. 

I’ve been falling asleep on the couch nearly every day this winter. I just can’t stay awake. Truly, cannot. It’s hard to find time to do anything when you’re either taking care of kiddos or abruptly swept into slumber. The lack of productivity feels deeply weak, like I’m simply emptied of myself.

And yet, if I really consider what continues in my life, I’d say my weakness eliminates the excess, focuses on the important. My kids are well cared for. I’ve still fit in the necessities. The house stays more cluttered. I have to give myself the grace to acknowledge I can’t get the extras done – less writing, less organizing, less pushing my way forward.

Instead, I’ve read more. Sat more. Slept more. And in it, Christ has been more, and I have been less. 

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