Now {Five Minute Friday}

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Right now if I want you to nap, I have to nap, too. You pull me to now, force me to slow down. I slip off my slippers, slide into your bed. You stick your toes near me and breath by my head.


Your nose is all stuffy, so you tried to stay sitting. I scratched your back lightly and felt you\ slowly melt toward me. I held your head to me until you fell warmly asleep. Outside it feels like negative 30; inside I can’t help but fall fast asleep.


When I wake up, you’re soundlessly sleeping. Your cheeks are rosy and warm against mine. Right now I’m so thankful for this moment of time.


  1. K Ann Guinn December 16, 2016

    Hello Denise! Your post and your photograph are lovely! I have never been much of a poet, but I do love photography. I, too, love that I can blend this skill and hobby into the world of my blog.

    I’m glad you’re soaking in each “now” moment with your sons. Before you know it they will be grown. Mine at 17 and 19 years are still here with us (although not for a lot longer), and I love their firm, manly hugs as they stoop over to give them to me.

    Visiting from Five MInute Friday and I’ve enjoyed your post!

  2. Kelly Willington December 17, 2016

    I also have a son who loves me to lay down with him. It can be frustrating when I have a huge list of things to do, but I’m so glad for these precious moments! Little boys have such a way to force us into the moment, don’t they? Bless you as you nurture your little one. Visiting from FMF.

  3. Bethany December 17, 2016

    Such a sweet post, Denise. I love it.


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