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If you’ve been following my blog this year, you know that I’ve linked up with a group of writers for five minutes every Friday. A one-word prompt is given, and I write for five minutes. I’ve missed some Fridays, but overall, it’s been a good exercise. AND I’ve stumbled upon many amazing writers through the link up.

And now’s there’s a book! It’s available on Amazon for $12.99, and all proceeds will benefit two South African ministries: The Vine School and The Ten Dollar Tribe.

There are stories from 150 different authors, and I’m privileged to be included for my Five Minute Friday piece, Time.

I’m about half way through myself, and here are a few of my favorite quotes so far:

“Sometimes all of His sheltering, all of His safety and, yes, even his fierce love is not enough to keep me from feeling alone.” – Alone by Colleen Connell Mitchell


“You’re writing to be heard. Maybe it’s to give your soul a voice, or your fiery mind words on the page where they have dominion and power. Maybe you can only make sense of them when they’re scribbled out hot and fast. Maybe you plod along with them, pushing them out and willing them from your core like a miner. Maybe you write for the girl who couldn’t speak up. Not then. But now you’ve formed the syllables one letter at a time and tapped them out for the world to see.” – Crowd by Alia Joy


“I can wonder at the existence of God // I can question the nature of God // I can wrestle with scripture through the night //  And like Jacob find myself witnessing glory // Because IT IS FINISHED” – Finish by Sarah Pinault

This is a great book to read in stolen moments of your day – read it in the pickup line, the waiting room. Read it in-between books or in-between activities.

Grab your copy today!!


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