Lose {Five Minute Friday}

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It seems likes everyone is afraid to lose.

I see it in my kids all the time. When their defiance goes shrill, it’s a fear of losing what they’re demanding that fuels their frustration. When four little legs start racing across the yard, they are both afraid to be the last to reach me, especially the one son who really hates to lose. When I tell them “no” to buying a toy at Target, they look at me with horror and ask what if someone else buys it before their birthday. They don’t want to lose out.

The news is filled with loss. And with hatred fueled by the fear of losing.

If there’s one thing Jesus taught us about losing though, I’d say that he said to give up one’s life is to gain it. To sacrifice is to love.

I want my kids to learn to lose better, with calmness and control, no shrill demands and objections. Even more, I want them to learn when losing is better than winning, when sacrificing is better than demanding. I guess I still want to learn that, too.


  1. Jenn Simonds June 17, 2016

    Great insight and reminders that we can be a significant example to our kids. Thanks for sharing

  2. Emma Hughes June 18, 2016

    Great post and awesome photo! Yes, I need to learn this lesson as well as my kids – I get so frustrated about their battles sometimes, but it is so much a part of our human nature to hold onto things and protect our territory. Thankfully, as you point out, that doesn’t have to be the end of the story and Jesus shows us a much better way!


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