Haven {Five Minute Friday}

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I have this tendency to not notice when my home becomes my haven. Until I’m about to leave, I hardly notice how comfortable I’ve become, how familiar every little mark and quirk and smudge is to me.

I love this home we’re about to leave. I love that it’s largely gray and white, that nearly every wall has had splattered coffee on it from time to time. I love that we don’t notice the higher last step on the stairs. I love the deck, the yard, the grass, the garden. I love my room. I love this office.

I love the memories. Oli walking here. Bronson talking here. We emerged from baby land within these four walls. I love that Oli still slides in-between us under the covers first thing in the morning. I love that I know how to creep up the stairs as silently as possible, so as to not disrupt a slumber. I love that Ryan and I learned how to unclog pipes here, that we painted the walls and repainted them. I love that we look forward to the raspberries each summer.

But nothing about the physical stature of our home makes it a haven. It’s really just time. Moments gliding together into memories. When any of us need to get away, we go home.

It’ll take a while for our next place to become truly home. I’m sure I won’t even notice, but I’m sure it will happen.


  1. Josh and Ellie June 4, 2016

    Just went through this very same thing Denise. We miss our old haven, but I’m sure this new house will become that with time.


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