365 Photography Project: April 2016

by in Through the Lens

We love it when the weather let’s us get outside more, though April threw in some surprises! Here’s the April installment of my 365 photography project:

April 2 First Day of SoccerApril 3 My Buzz BoyApril 6 Super Letter Learning

April 8 Trooper BronsonApril 9 Cousin TimeApril 10 Shadow Rider April 11 Dish DutyApril 13 Spring BudsApril 15 After my Own HeartApril 16 Chillin' in BrunswickApril 17 Lobsters in MaineApril 18 Gray SnatcatcherApril 19 Puddle PlayApril 20 Lunchtime FishApril 21 First CampfireApril 22 Dropping In, Cape OutApril 24 Personality Powerwheels

April 26 Spring in MaineApril 27 Jammin

What’s your favorite from April?

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