Quotable Kiddos (2016 Part I)

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Having two talking little boys? Well, some days it’s totally exasperating and exhausting, but some days it’s knee-slapping funny and melt-your-heart adorable. Here are the little morsels I managed to write down so far this year…

  • While singing Bicycle by Queen, Oli stopped suddenly and said with deep sincerity (chin down, eyebrows up, eyes wide open, mouth clinched), “This song is about Jesus.”
  • At the grocery store with Ryan, Oli said with a deep sigh, “Mom is better at this than you.”
  • Bronson: “I think I’m ready for a half-pipe lesson.” Ummm… help!
  • Oli: “Daddy is your phone metal?”
    Ryan: “Kind of. It’s made of other things, too.”
    Oli: “Who made it?”
    Ryan: “Apple.”
    Oli: “Ooo… I like apples. With peanut butter.”
  • Oli to Bronson, “You’re my special friend.”
  • Bronson, telling me a secret about Oli’s birthday: “Mom, I have a whisper for you.”
  • Bronson, while pointing at a moose in a book, “Why are they calling that an elk with the letters? Oh, probably that’s the moose’s last name.”
  • Bronson while mad at me, “I don’t like your prettiness!”
  • Bronson to Oli: “Those holes (in the yard) are from baby skunks.”
    Oli, sincerely: “Maybe they’ll come talk to us.”
  • Oli, while eating meatloaf, with great joy and relief, “This looks like poop, but it isn’t!”


  1. Bethany April 28, 2016

    This cracks me up, Denise! Did the skunks ever come talk?


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