Focus {Five Minute Friday}

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I took this photo a few days ago, when spring reigned in February. Nearly all the snow melted. Behind the rain drops is my neighbor’s house, taken out of my window with a very shallow depth of field.

I don’t use manual focus  often (because my eyes aren’t exact 20/20, so I don’t think they’re trustworthy), but when I do, I am amazed at the control. A slight turn of the ring, and I see something completely different. If I turned the focus ring enough, you would have seen the house, not the rain drops.

I think most moments of life have layers, most experiences can be seen differently with a different focus. This is what eyes to see means to me – the focus, vantage point, speed, sensitivity – they are all variable. We only experience each thing from our perspective, which is  based on ourselves. Trying to have eyes to see is about trying to have a different view, a different focus.

I pray for eyes to see. I want God to change me, make me, re-orient me, redeem me. I want him to grab the ring and adjust the focus, so I can see what’s just beyond the rain drops.



  1. anne February 5, 2016

    this is so beautiful!! I love the analogy to your cameral lens. Thanks so much for sharing!


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