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So, in order to produce more blog posts this year, I decided to join the Five Minute Friday linkup. Five minutes of free writing every Friday. My first post on prompt First.


For some reason, every night my boys argue about who will pray last when we’re getting ready for bed. Bronson likes to be last, and since Oli is emerging in his determination to both fight against his brother and also be just like him, Oli decided he also wants to pray last. Logistically, that’s impossible, of course.

So one evening, Ryan and I tried to encourage Bronson to pray first. We said it like we usually think of first. First is best! I’m pretty sure we even said something like, “Everyone wants to be first!”

Our four-year-old son promptly let us know that Jesus wants us to put others before ourselves. In other words, Jesus wants us to want to go last.

Ryan and I locked eyes and shook our head. At four, this boy knows how to argue, articulate. I used to think I was pretty good at debating, that I could win most arguments. Then God gave me my first son. I both cringe and marvel at the kind of arguing he’ll do in ten years or so.

I think I’ll count this as the first time I quickly and definitively lost an argument with him.

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  1. Ryan Lilly January 8, 2016

    Here’s to the constant humbling of always losing arguments in my house…

  2. Sabrina Houser January 8, 2016

    That is an amazing reason why he wants to go last! Your FMF neighbor.

  3. Lisa Sullivan January 13, 2016

    I am amazed at how his little mind works. Wonder what Oliver thought about that answer?


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