365 Photo Project: January 2016

by in Through the Lens

So… I’ve already missed a few days, but I’ve also caught some fairly ordinary moments and some great memories. I’ve picked up my camera more and fiddled with things, which is the goal, really.

I’m trying to take one photo each day in 2016.

Oli is already tired of the camera, so things might get tricky as the year continues.

Since a photo is worth a thousand words, I’ll stop here.

My family’s January from the view of my lens.

Jan 1 Hear me Roar

Jan 2 Barefoot Bookworm

Jan 3 Sick Day

Jan 4 Elephant in the Room-2

Jan 5 Staying Warm-01

Jan 6 Dinner Time-03

Jan 7 Snow Hockey-06


Jan 8 Smashing the Snow-3

Jan 11 Haircuts-5

Jan 13 Where in the World

Jan 14 Fresh Snow

Jan 15 Learning Letters

Jan 17 Perfect Turn-9

Jan 16 Watching the Snow-3

Jan 18 Toy Story Viewing-2

Jan 20 Made for Two-4

Jan 21 Bath Time

Jan 22 Cooking at RR

Jan 23 Feel the Fan

Jan 24 Snowboarding Stance

Jan 25 Tracks in the Snow

Jan 26 Olympic Snow

Jan 27 Crying Over Split Milk

Jan 28 Library with Daddy

Jan 29 Doing the Dishes

Jan 30 Woods w:Papa

Jan 31 Gettin Strong

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Which was your favorite?!?


  1. Tabitha February 2, 2016

    Great pictures! Every moment with those boys is picture worthy ? And you capture all the most wonderful moments.

  2. Lisa Sullivan February 2, 2016

    Great pics!


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