7 Parties You Can Host to Improve Lives

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IMG_3206As we quickly move through the autumnal season into Christmas inundation, I’ve started thinking about how I’ll try to shop justly again this year for Christmas. A great way to help others (and yourself) shop more justly this holiday season is to host fair trade parties. I’ve compiled a brief list of possibilities, though I suggest contacting them soon if you want to host a party before the holidays this year.


  1. Fair Trade Friday/ Mercy House: Mercy House is a home in Kenya to house pregnant women and help them as they give birth to their babies. Fair Trade Friday partners with Mercy House and many other organizations in order to provide a variety of products helping women in 20 different countries! I just hosted a Fair Trade Friday party and had jewelry, stationary, reusable totes, headbands and more!
  2. Trades of Hope: Trades of Hope works with women directly and with organizations that help them all around the world, providing artisan work in order to help them help themselves out of poverty. You can host a party or an e-party to sell their many beautiful products including jewelry, scarves, handbags and home decor. They provide a compassionate entrepreneur for your party (if available in your area).
  3. Serrv: Serrv connects smaller organizations with a larger audience and offers a wide variety of products as a result. They strive to eliminate poverty by supporting artisans and farmers around the world. Host a party by using catalogues to order food, apparel, decor and more!
  4. The Refugee Project: The Refugee Project serves refugee women who have been relocated to Houston from Burma, Bhutan and Nepal. A home party provides you with an opportunity to support these women by selling their hand knit items including scarves, bags and jewelry.
  5. Bead for Life: Sell jewelry and Shea butter to support women in Uganda. There is even an opportunity to host online!
  6. Timbali Crafts: Sell a variety of bags and other products to help women in Swaziland. These women are all volunteers at a community based feeding center, where they feed more than 2500 children a day. Timbale Crafts exists so that these women can provide for themselves, even as they serve others.


Do you know of other fair trade house parties?

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