Give Justly for Father’s Day

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Father's Day Gift Guide

As Father’s Day approaches, I’m adding to my Give Justly series with some suggestions on making Father’s Day gifts good for your dad and the people or person who made the gift

  1. Give Experience. You know what your dad loves. Maybe a gift certificate to a coffee shop, maybe a gift card for golf, maybe concert tickets. Whatever he loves, help him do it more by gifting an experience.
  2. Give Help. Clean his car, do some yard work, take care of the trash. Whatever chores your dad does regularly, give him a break from it.
  3. Give DIY or handmade. Pinterest can give you a million different ideas, and the hands-on investment adds a personal touch to your gift. If you can’t muster some craftiness, you can always purchase something handmade on Esty, too.
  4. Give Local. Find local artisan goods, eats and drinks to give to your dad.
  5. Give in Honor. Maybe you can’t think of anything your dad could possibly need or want; maybe your dad genuinely doesn’t want or need anything besides your presence on Father’s Day. If you still want to gift something, consider gifting in honor: sponsor a childsupport refugees, support your local trails association or a local park. The possibilities are endless – just choose something that would mean a lot to the Dad in your life!
  6. Give thrift or repurposed items. These last two items are about eradicating slavery by changing the way we purchase. We can reduce the felt “need” for slave production by purchasing less brand new (and cheap) items. Buying repurposed items is usually affordable and a way to reduce the demand for new (often slave-produced) items.
  7. Give Fair Trade or made in the USA. Maybe you have the perfect gift in mind. Do some research to find a fair trade or made in the USA version of what you have in mind, if possible.  Check these made in the USA lists to search for companies by category. Here are a few specific suggestions worth considering:
    1. Fair Trade Friday – bundles, coffee, journals and fair trade fishing flies (Check the Father’s Day Collection)
    2. AeroPress– made in the USA coffee and espresso maker
    3. Dirtball – made in the USA clothing including: t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, hats and more
    4. FashionABLE’s passport wallet – great for the Dad that travels
    5. Harry’s – ethically made shaving items – razors made in Germany, shaving creams made in the USA. They are also sold at Target. 
    6. Ten Thousand Villages – a variety of unique, ethically made gifts

Note: This post uses some affiliate links. If you purchase something using a link, I receive a small commission.

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