7 Ways to Give Justly on Mother’s Day

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Give Justly Mother's Day

As a mom, I greatly appreciate the honor and acknowledgement that my job matters and is extremely difficult at times. But honoring motherhood should never dishonor humanity. Too often our consumerism is at the expense of vulnerable people around the globe. It’s estimated that there are somewhere between 20 and 30 million slaves today.

As part of my ongoing Give Justly series, here are some suggestions on making your Mother’s Day gifts good for mothers everywhere:

  1. Give Experience. Do something with your mom: something she loves, that’s totally about her. Or gift her a class or experience that she’ll love – a pottery class, a photography shoot (contact me if interested!), a Starbucks gift card, a membership to a gym etc.
  2. Give Help. Make a coupon book, filled with chores or tasks that you know your mom would love a break from. Dishes, laundry, clean her car, clean the house. Whatever it is, she’ll appreciate the help and the luxury of a break.
  3. Give DIY or handmade. Making Mother’s Day gifts need not end when we’re seven. Pinterest can give you a million different ideas, and the hands-on investment adds a personal touch to your gift. If you can’t muster some craftiness, you can always purchase something handmade on Esty, too.
  4. Give Local. Every area hosts some small shops teeming with locality worth searching for. If you peruse their selection, I have no doubt that you’ll find some incredible local artisans and craftsman. These people deserve some support and often provide unique, high-quality goods.
  5. Give in Honor. Maybe you can’t think of anything your mom could possibly need or want; maybe your mom genuinely doesn’t want or need anything besides your presence on Mother’s Day. If you still want to gift something, consider giving a gift in honor of your mom: sponsor a child, help a woman start a business, provide education for a girl, support your local library, support your local trails association. The possibilities are endless.
  6. Give thrift or repurposed items. These last two items are about eradicating slavery by changing the way we purchase. We can reduce the felt “need” for slave production by purchasing less brand new (and cheap) items. And shopping at the thrift shop is like an adventure in of it itself.
  7. Give Fair Trade or made in the USA. Maybe you have the perfect gift in mind. Your mom would love a brand new scarf or pearl earrings or new shoes or whatever. I hear ya: when I think of the perfect gift for someone, I really want to go ahead and purchase it. To find an ethical choice, I do a LOT of Googling. I search for a fair trade or made in the USA version of what I want to purchase; I check rankabrand for the best possible brand to purchase from; and then I weigh my options with my budget. If you don’t have something specific in mind, here are a few companies worth considering (some affiliate links included):
    1. FashionABLE– leather wallets and purses, scarves and jewelry – creates sustainable business opportunities for women globally and locally
    2. Divine Chocolates – Fair Trade chocolates
    3. Burt’s Bees – bath and beauty products made the USA, responsible sourcing
    4. Ten Thousand Villages – fair trade items of all kinds: jewelry, accessories, home items, stationary and much more!
    5. The Giving Keys – engraved jewelry made from old keys, employing people trying to transition out of homelessness in LA
    6. Fair Trade Friday – There are tons of great options here! Fair Trade Friday helps empower women across the globe You can subscribe for a monthly fair trade box, earrings or bracelets. You can also purchase a Mother’s Day Gratitude Bracelet or a Mother’s Day Necklace and Bag bundle.



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