Post-Thanksgiving Thanksgivings

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I know I’m a week late for sharing my thanksgivings; but I’m thankful for the things that happen on any ordinary Thursday, so I might as well share them today.

I’m thankful for the way my kids’ clothes are a mess in the drawer. It reminds me that perfection isn’t more important than learning. They’re putting away their clothes these days, and I’m letting go of my obsessive organization.

I’m thankful for lil’ bro learning how to say big bro’s name. I love the way he says it–sometimes yelling from the other side of the room in a singsong rhythm, sometimes saying it with a crescendo of joy, delight. Every, single, time it melts something inside of me. I am over-flowingly thankful they have each other, in awe of the goodness of their relationship. I love the pitter patter of their feet, chasing each other in circles around the house.

I’m thankful Bronson finally learned the word frustrated. The first time he said it was an oasis, hope that he actually hears the things I say to him a million times a day. Despite intense aggravation with a toy, he just said (loudly of course) that he was frustrated. No screaming, throwing, hitting. Just words. He. used. his. WORDS! So thankful!

I’m thankful my boys want to be like their daddy. From wearing flannel to snowboarding to being sweet to me, they emulate Ryan so much. And I’m even more thankful he’s a good model to mirror.

I’m thankful my house is noisy. (Not when I’m in the thick of it, of course, but right now the house is silent, so I can say this and mean it.) I’m thankful the boys are healthy enough, silly enough, loved enough to be themselves – boisterous boys bouncing and bounding through life.

Additionally, I’m REALLY thankful they both still nap most days. The respite is my sanity.

I’m thankful for Oli’s kisses on my cheek.

I’m thankful for Bronson telling me I taught him to sing. Let’s hope he actually learns this from his dad.

I’m thankful for poop humor. I never thought I would say that, but when my one-year-old runs up to me out of nowhere and says POOP then erupts into belly-deep rumbling giggles, it is hilarious. And Bronson tells me the craziest things about poop. Yesterday he told me, “Poop is like a car going home.” A simile. So proud.

I’m thankful for so many other things too – our home, our health, our extended families, our friends scattered around the country and globe.

But there’s no doubt, at this season of my life, I’m mostly thankful for two little boys who live life so well. They are so busy, overbearing even, but they are so incredibly amazing, teaching me daily about life, love and living in the present tense.

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  1. Lisa Sullivan December 4, 2015

    LOVE this post! Especially the last 4 words!!


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