Bring the Olympic Spirit Home // 7 Ways to Make the Olympics Exciting for Your Kids

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7 Ways to Make the Olympics Exciting for Your Kids

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I still clearly remember watching the Olympics as a child — the joy, the heartache, the triumph, the patriotism. But what I remember even clearer are the Olympics I re-created — the ice skating routines in my living room, the bobsledding in my yard, the racing on my skis.
At two, my oldest, was already obsessed with snowboarding, and he walked around our house for weeks in great anticipation of the Sochi Olympics. “Watch the ‘lympics mama?” We woke him up to watch the men’s snowboard halfpipe final; and sure enough, the next morning he was using a blanket to make a halfpipe between the armrests of a chair and practicing tricks with his Toy Boarders.

Needless to say, with the return of the games going on now, I’d love to pass on the inspiration and excitement to both my boys.

Here are a 7 ways to make the Olympics exciting your kids:

I hope you and your kids enjoy the Winter Olympics!

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