Heard Around the House

by in Family and Faith

  • “Dada’s got to go to Earth.” “Oooh. Bye dada!” Bronson, Oliver and I hope to join Ryan on the same planet sometime soon. (Ryan works at Delorme, home to a very large globe named Eartha.)
  • “Oh, mama! You’re blue!!” -Bronson grabbing my face as I’m loading a DVD near the TV.
  • “It’s okay Bronson. The sky is just farting.” – The explanation for thunder in a house full of boys.
  •  “Bronson, are you lying to me?” “Roarrrrr!”
  • “Are you going to ski in the Olympics, Bronson?” “No, board.”
  • While visiting the horses at the Living Waters barn, Bronson’s eyes got wide with wonder. “Ooh Dada!! BIG poot!!” Forget the horses – check out their poop.

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