Clingy Praise

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Image copyright Ben Becker Photography.

Image copyright Ben Becker Photography.

Bronson hugs.

I know he’s a 4 month old, and I’m a new mom; so you’re probably dismissing my statement as false. But I’m right. He hugs.

His small chubby arm goes just across my shoulder while his other arm wraps around my neck. And every once in a while, he nuzzles into me. It’s adorable – a little baby Bronson hug. (And yes, he’s probably just hungry, but don’t go diminishing a proud mom’s enthusiasm.)

He hugs for the heck of it. He hugs when he’s tired. He hugs when he’s scared. And when he’s excited.

And every time he hugs, I feel like he thinks the world of me – like I’m even better than the lollipop he licked on Halloween.

It’s praise. Not cheesy. Not fake. Not forced. His clinging – it’s the best praise a mom could ask for.

I think God wants my arms around his neck. And maybe a dash of nuzzle thrown into the mix. Just for the heck of it, or when I’m exhausted. Or scared. Or thrilled.

Loving him with all my being – it looks a lot like a little blue-eyed boy clinging to his mom. And that – that is praise.

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